GSL LIVE is a festival of case studies, best practice and new research.

We bring together hundreds of leaders, innovators and practitioners alongside
live student panels and polling to co-create the future of student life.

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12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
London Lifestyle Tour

Step aboard a classic Routemaster London bus for a tour of the city’s most iconic student venues, facilities and cutting-edge accommodation. Complete with afternoon tea served on-board. You’re free to spend the evening exploring the city or catching a show in the world-famous West End.

* Limited places available *
* International delegates prioritised *

Prospective Student Panel
Keynote: Student Life in 2030

Prospective students (16 – 17 yr olds) talk about their hopes and fears about transition to university life, what motivates them and what they will expect from their experience.

It’s often said that young people have more in common with their peers around the world than with their own parents. But are we moving toward a more homogeneous culture or do we actually have many more tribes to worry about and cater for? How can we successfully and cost-effectively deliver services that meets their needs?

Whether it’s over-estimating the influence of parents, being taken in by Instagram stars with fake followings or misunderstanding how peer-to-peer influence works, there are plenty of ways for marketers and campaigners to waste their time and money. So who are the Real Influencers, how do we engage with them, and is it really worth it?

A panel of students and experts debate key issues raised across the day’s sessions while thousands of students from GSL’s online research panel join in on the big screen by responding to our polling in real-time throughout the debate.

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Dreaming Spires

Leave the London bustle behind for a student’s-eye tour of Oxford where ancient colleges and cutting-edge teaching facilities create a unique student living experience. Take to the water for a traditional punt on the river Isis and a unique perspective on the city. Finish the trip with a classic British picnic on the lawns before returning to London.

* Limited places available *
* International delegates prioritised *

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Zone Agenda

The Lifestyle & Wellbeing Zone will explore how student lifestyles are evolving in response to academic pressures, changing living environments, technology and social upheaval. Understanding what student lifestyle looks like now and in the future is essential to developing successful products, services and campaigns.
• Students’ changing relationship with social media
• Abstinence vs Indulgence – how Gen-Z has fun
• Case Study: A leading brand shares new research on the student market
• Delivering value through experiences
• Walking the walk – converting sentiment into action on the environment
• Veganism on the march – culture wars at the intersection of health, wellbeing, environmentalism and politics.
• Lifestyle by association – what students’ best loved leisure brands tell us about their hope, ambitions and anxieties
• Global trends in leisure that are set to disrupt the student market

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Zone Agenda

The Housing & Community Zone will explore topics ranging from accommodation design, future-proofing and environmental impact through to new modes of living, res life and the impact of emerging models of community on academic and wellbeing outcomes for students.
• Res life – what really works and why
• Impact of accommodation on mental health and wellbeing
• Co-living hype – new reality or hot air
• From the bottom up: Designing a perfect community space.
• Case Study
• Community collaboration and the local economy
• Food poverty – causes and solutions
• Prospective student needs and demands – evolving trends
• Impact of technology on sense of place and interpretations of isolation and loneliness
• Global living – challenges and opportunities in bringing international students together to live

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Zone Agenda

The Marketing & Engagement Zone will explore how the nature of student engagement is changing, the key channels and messages that drive engagement, what we can learn from the brands that are succeeding (and failing), and how technology is moving the goalposts.
• The future of EdTech – winners and losers from a decade of experimentation
• A student marketing toolkit: Connecting and building lasting relationships with students
• Case study
• Marketing to students in growth markets
• The automation arms race – will students be winners or losers from the global acceleration of AI in the workplace?
• Going global – just how different are young people around the world, and what does it take to deliver effective international campaigns?
• Future U – As more and more student bars close, is the future of the students’ union a virtual one? Are there lessons to learn from the high street?

Agenda subject to change.