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Fake uni sting in US sees 90 foreign students arrested

Approximately 90 students have been arrested after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) set up a fake Detroit university that enticed predominantly Indian students...
The inside of an almost empty fridge

Food insecurity at US colleges: how your institution can combat it

We’re all familiar with the narrative of college students subsisting on black coffee and ramen noodles; it’s seen as a rite of passage, a punchline to...
A hand puts a voting slip into a ballot box

Attempts made to suppress student vote in America

In the 2018 US midterm elections, a 40.3% turnout of 10 million students cast their ballots and helped the Democratic Party to take control...
A father kisses his young child on the cheek

US colleges to better highlight funds for students with children

A report from the U.S Government Accountability Office (GAO) has found that 1 in 5 students are juggling parenthood with college tuition. Federal funds...
A pistol, laying on the grass

Gun culture and US colleges: a turbulent relationship

It’s April 30th, 2019. The last day of the semester at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. A gunman walks into a classroom and...

Climate strikes: Inside a global student movement

From the Global Student Living Conference 2019. Head here to register your interest for future GSL conferences, and learn more about the GSL Conference here. In October 2018,...
A girl lays on a bed, her hair covering her face, looking exhausted

US study: sleep issues impact student grades as much as drug use

A study of over 55,000 US college students has found that poor-quality sleep affects students as much as binge-drinking or drug use, and is...
A young black man standing in the street and smiling

Students’ debt to be paid off by donations at Atlanta College

Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia has declared the introduction of a programme where graduates' student debt can be paid off solely by donations, to...
A young woman looks down in a dark alleyway

Thousands of US community college students left homeless

Research conducted by the HOPE Centre shows that 1 in 5 community college students in the U.S. either lived in shelters, on the streets or out...
A man with a headset plays e-sports

Student gamers eligible for e-sports scholarships at 200 US unis

Nearly 200 universities in the United States are offering e-sports tuition scholarships to student gamers, recognising its recruitment potential as e-sports become the fastest-growing...
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