The Louvre museum from the outside

‘Welcome to France’ – and its higher fees for international students

International students in France this year face an increase of up to 15 times the previous level of tuition fees, following a new government...
An aerial view of Split in Croatia, by the sea.

Croatian students forced to vacate accommodation for tourists

Croatia's coastal cities host millions of holidaymakers every year, causing issues for students whose landlords want to cash in by renting out their accommodation...
A person with a backpack standing by a lake

Gen Z students prefer uni holiday travels to Gap Years

Generation Z students are three times more likely to go travelling during their university holidays than on a gap year, according to a report...
Police holding up shields

Students protesting new halls targeted by Turkish police

Students at Ankara's Middle East Technical University campus (known as ODTU) have been targeted by local police with violence and pepper spray, following their...
City view in Valletta

73% of Maltese students live with parents, according to report

Nearly three-quarters of students in Malta live with their parents, according to a EUROSTUDENT report into students' lives and experiences across 30 European countries....
The interior of a clothing store

Store set up to provide free clothes to struggling Turkish students

The university rector at Turgut Ozal University has created a free store on campus, in order to provide free clothing and shoes to students. Wanting...
An elderly woman laughs and covers her mouth with her hand

France’s affordable housing solution – intergenerational homeshares

Facing issues in supply of both eldercare and affordable housing for students, France has sought to tackle both problems simultaneously by encouraging intergenerational homeshares. The...
A team putting together a building

Housing shortage pushes German students to create their own affordable accommodation

Students in the German town of Heidelberg are building their own affordable student accommodation, in response to rising rents caused by a local housing...
A wheelchair user playing sport

Technology developments to improve access for disabled students

Technologies being developed in Denmark and Qatar offer an exciting look into how university study could become more accessible for disabled students in the...
A white robot looks upwards

German students have mixed opinions on ‘first robot lecturer’, Yuki

English linguistics students at the University of Marburg are the first in Germany to be taught by a robot. Humanoid robot Yuki is the...
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