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A woman cries, sitting by her bed

Data key to curbing international student suicide in Australia

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports that this World Suicide Prevention Day, community leaders and students have urged the Australian Government to put better mental...

Auckland students fearful of white supremacist movement

Katie Scotcher of Radio New Zealand reports on how a senior University of Auckland lecturer and students have criticised the institution’s reaction to white...
A young man uses a laptop

Foreign students in Australia tricked by contract cheat sites

Jill Rowbotham, Higher Education Reporter for The Australian, writes about the growing problem of often inadvertent contract cheating in Australian universities where large numbers...
A woman uses a computer

Sydney uni lowers entry scores for male-dominated courses

In a bid to encourage more female students to take up engineering, computing and construction degree courses, The Guardian reports that the University of...
Strings of code

Australian student records targeted in ‘sophisticated’ cyber attack

Students at the Australian National University had their records been targeted in a cyber attack on the university. Vice-Chancellor Brian Schmidt says the hackers...

Climate strikes: Inside a global student movement

From the Global Student Living Conference 2019. Head here to register your interest for future GSL conferences, and learn more about the GSL Conference here. In October 2018,...
A student dabs in their graduation outfit

Australian uni funding linked to disadvantaged student outcomes

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that students are the focus of a new, performance-based federal university funding scheme, with student success, student experience and...
A decrepit building front

Int’l students in Australia need protections against rent scams

Tougher penalties are needed to stop rogue landlords taking advantage of international students who source accommodation before they arrive in Australia, says a new...
A woman holds her hands up to her face in fear

Student sex work on rise in Sydney, despite safety risks

In the wake of a sex worker’s murder in Sydney, The Australian talks to sex industry support workers and a Sydney brothel owner, discovering...
A protester makes a V symbol above her head

Chinese students in Australia clash over Hong Kong protests

After sometimes violent clashes between pro-democracy and Mainland Chinese students over the Hong Kong protests, students on Australian campuses are predicting further tensions. According...
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