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A library with lots of computers for digitised learning

Australian students benefit from digitised university libraries

Australian higher education has been a promoter for decades of the way in which the digitised library improves accessibility, openness and discovery for students. Now...
A car on sand, with the back doors wide open

International students incentivised to study in rural Australia

Already the world leader in hosting international students, Australia has burnished its credentials by announcing incentives to increase the number of international students studying...
A robot waves

Automation opportunities for Australian students – if universities can keep up

Nearly half of current Australian work activities will be automated by the year 2030, according to a McKinsey and Company report. This could result...
A smiling Muslim student

Mosque attacks: Muslim students hopeful, NZ foreign student sector afraid

The New Zealand Herald’s Education Reporter, Simon Collins, says that times are uncertain for New Zealand’s $5billion foreign student sector in the wake of...

The effect on students of removing the Australian funding cap

When Australia's federal funding cap on university places was removed in 2012, more students could attend educational establishments without their institutions suffering cost consequences....
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