A pair of handcuffed hands

Law students panic as Turkmenistan clamps down on accepted degrees

Law is typically considered to be one of the most prestigious and rigorous academic disciplines – but in Turkmenistan, it will no longer be...
A happy student

The Vietnamese startup with big ideas for student wellbeing

Moving abroad to study in a different cultural setting can be a daunting experience and one that can lead to feelings of social isolation...
Coins spilling out of a jar

Sanctions drive Iranian students in US to crowdfund tuition fees

Struggling to pay for tuition and living expenses due to a series of geopolitical crises back home, Iranian students studying in the US are...
A fire in the dark

Accommodation theft precaution leads to tragedy in Chinese dorm fire

A door fitted to prevent the theft of students’ electric scooters from their accommodation was responsible for the death of five students in a fire in...
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