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Evidence of shrinking Chinese market for UK study continues to mount

The number of international students studying in the UK reached an all-time high in 2021/22, with the UK hosting a total of 679,970 international...
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Germany eyes student number growth through closer ties with India

Germany is growing in popularity as a study destination for international students, particularly those from India. The total number of international students studying in...
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Student mobility boom increasingly dependent on part-time and post-study working rights

International student numbers are set to soar due to an additional one billion post-secondary graduates worldwide up to 2050, with three out of every...
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Immigration Agent Fraud Leaves Indian Students Facing Deportation

Up to 700 Indian students face deportation from Canada after authorities discovered that the documentation used by the students to obtain study visas for...
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Students branded ‘national security risk’ scrap plans to study in Australia

Hundreds of PhD students from countries including Iran, China and Pakistan are turning to alternative study-abroad destinations after lengthy delays have seen some students...
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France set to benefit from boom in Sub-Saharan student mobility

A recent study released by Campus France predicts that the number of outbound Sub-Saharan African students could double to more than 850,000 by 2050. The number of outbound students from Sub-Saharan Africa increased by 21% between 2016 and 2021 and France currently plays host to the greatest number with 92,000 students.
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Inbound Insight: Nepal

In this Inbound Insight series article, we look at the rising number of students from Nepal choosing to study abroad, and explore what this cohort...
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Inbound Insight: Egypt

In this first article in our Inbound Insight series, we look at the rising number of students from Egypt choosing to study abroad, and...
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Australia-India Trade Agreement set to provide a major boost to international education

An increase in the number of Indian students choosing to study in Australia is expected as a result of the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and...
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Mixed views over direction of the Chinese outbound market

China has recently eased some of its stricter COVID restrictions, but experts remain divided over whether the Chinese outbound student market will return to...
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