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Report finds discrimination is still a common experience of black researchers

Findings from the Royal Society of Chemistry have shown that black and minority researchers face disproportionate challenges in funding applications, pay and promotions. A materials...
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Language and social concerns prove disincentivising for intl students in Germany

Despite the challenges presented by Covid-19, German universities managed to retain international students through the pandemic. In the 2020/21 cohort, the number of international...
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Career services as a ‘make or break’ student helpline

Social capital is the combination of knowledge, resources and tools people use when building networks as they progress through life. Effective social capital allows...
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Education innovation central to future of universities, says Dutch academic

In conversation with Wageningen University, Professor Dirk van Damme (Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Curriculum Redesign in Boston, MA, US) details what...
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Diversification targets receive mixed opinion in post-lockdown Australia

Whilst UK universities are bouncing back from Covid-19 in their international student numbers, Australia is finding the transition slightly more tricky. As one of...
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Changes to UK student loan requirements spell difficulties for disadvantaged students

The UK government is making plans to increase the minimum grade requirements for English and maths GSCEs that students would need in order to...
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US student loan repayments stir academic and political doubt

Mid-term elections are approaching in the US, and so too is the start of the nation's debt repayment scheme. On 1 May, those with...
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Intl student applications for UK law degrees sky-rocket, despite Brexit and Covid-19

The number of law students and aspiring lawyers has reached an all-time high in the UK according to new data from the Universities and...

UK student experience curtailed by rising cost of living

The rising of cost of living is having widespread impact on people across Europe, and students are feeling the squeeze too. The student experience...
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Netherlands to preserve education quality by curbing number of intl students

Pieter Duisenberg, the head of Universities of Netherlands (UNL), has said that the country is going to reduce the number of international students it...
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