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A stressed student uses his laptop at a desk

Certificates withheld from disadvantaged South African students

Some South African universities are withholding students' qualification certificates on account of outstanding fees - in part because the universities are unwilling to implement...
A train travelling across a curved bridge

UK students’ uni options limited by expensive train costs for open days

Prospective students are being priced out of far-flung universities due to the high cost of cross-country train travel, limiting the choices of disadvantaged students. Social...
A brightly-lit Japanese city

1,600 foreign students ‘lost’ by Japanese university

The Tokyo University of Social Welfare has been found to have lost contact with over 1,600 foreign students, following a sudden surge in its...
A man holding an eagle in Mongolia

English-proficient students to make Mongolia safer for tourists

Mongolian students with good English skills have been recruited to help English-speaking tourists in the capital city of Ulan Bator, in a bid to...
A woman clutches folders and books

The boom in African students studying abroad

Home to 16% of the world’s population and spreading over one fifth of the planet, Africa is the world's second largest and second most...
A pair of handcuffed hands

Law students panic as Turkmenistan clamps down on accepted degrees

Law is typically considered to be one of the most prestigious and rigorous academic disciplines – but in Turkmenistan, it will no longer be...
Standing in front of tree-covered mountains, a Mexican woman smiles

Mexican students’ opportunity to enrol in US uni – in Mexico

Andrew Oxford of The Santa Fe New Mexican reports that the state’s legislature last month approved the construction of a New Mexico State University (NMSU) campus...
A car on sand, with the back doors wide open

International students incentivised to study in rural Australia

Already the world leader in hosting international students, Australia has burnished its credentials by announcing incentives to increase the number of international students studying...
Coins spilling out of a jar

Sanctions drive Iranian students in US to crowdfund tuition fees

Struggling to pay for tuition and living expenses due to a series of geopolitical crises back home, Iranian students studying in the US are...
A street in Buenos Aires

Cash-strapped Argentine students swap pricy private universities for budget-friendly public ones

Amid economic turmoil, swathes of Argentinian students are opting to study at public universities instead of their pricier private counterparts - even if it...
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