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A map of Australia with a pin in it

International students value high quality of life in Australia’s cities

Australia ranks as a top destination for international students in the QS Best Student Cities Ranking, released this month and based on feedback from...
A young woman looks down in a dark alleyway

Thousands of US community college students left homeless

Research conducted by the HOPE Centre shows that 1 in 5 community college students in the U.S. either lived in shelters, on the streets or out...
Anne Street, Dublin

Irish students hit by uni rent spike ahead of rent cap imposition

In an already difficult housing market for students, Irish universities have increased the prices of their on-site housing ahead of rent caps being imposed...
An aerial view of Split in Croatia, by the sea.

Croatian students forced to vacate accommodation for tourists

Croatia's coastal cities host millions of holidaymakers every year, causing issues for students whose landlords want to cash in by renting out their accommodation...
A group of students socialising over coffee

10-year report finds UK students socialise less in accommodation

For insights like this into national student accommodation trends, download the Shifting Foundations report here. Students have become more private and less interested in socialising...
Police holding up shields

Students protesting new halls targeted by Turkish police

Students at Ankara's Middle East Technical University campus (known as ODTU) have been targeted by local police with violence and pepper spray, following their...
Footprints in the sand

A Mexican mystery: when 43 students ‘disappeared’

Mexico, September 2014. Over 100 rural college students are on a bus trip to the city of Iguala - but on their trip, 43...
City view in Valletta

73% of Maltese students live with parents, according to report

Nearly three-quarters of students in Malta live with their parents, according to a EUROSTUDENT report into students' lives and experiences across 30 European countries....
A woman holds a cup that says 'Like a boss'

US students want PBSA that improves their job prospects

Students in the US want their purpose-built student accommodation to help them achieve success after university, according to a New York Times feature on...
An elderly woman laughs and covers her mouth with her hand

France’s affordable housing solution – intergenerational homeshares

Facing issues in supply of both eldercare and affordable housing for students, France has sought to tackle both problems simultaneously by encouraging intergenerational homeshares. The...
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