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Howard University students announce deal after weeks long protest over poor housing conditions

Back in October, more than 150 people spent 33 days sleeping in tents outside the Blackburn University Center protesting against poor housing conditions and...
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A textbook case: first year law student sues landlord and wins

Jack Simm got a first taste of what it's like to be a lawyer when he sued his landlord after it turned out that...
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UK student rent now surpasses average maintenance loan

Rent has increased 60% in the last ten years rising to £7,347 per annum, according to a new survey. This figure eclipses a normal...
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Battling the ‘toxic’ UK student housing market

A website has been created by a Bristol University alumni to tackle the "injustices" of the student rental market which has been tarnished by...
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Students taken advantage of in Edinburgh rental scams

Huge demand for accommodation in the busy city of Edinburgh has meant scammers are rife, offering places that are not available, or simply don't...
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Renting and rogue landlords: a rite of passage in student living?

If the rental scene wasn't bad enough in many places across the country, those that do end up finding accommodation may face something much...
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UK universities embroiled in government’s ‘second job scandal’

Boris Johnson’s independent adviser on ministerial interests, Chris Geidt, has been called on to step down from his position as chair of the council...
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Linguistic freedom threatened in Catalan universities

The Generalitat (Government of Catalonia) is making university directors in Catalonia commit to increase the number of subjects taught in the Catalan language to...
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Megadorm Madness

A new student dorm being built in the US is raising concerns not only for its crimes against design, but its crimes against humanity. The...

Winners Announced for the UK & Ireland National Student Housing Awards 2021

The awards, broadcast at 10am on 30th September 2021, were presented by Tim Daplyn (Director of Strategy and Partnerships) and Sarah Ead (Head of...
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