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A team putting together a building

Housing shortage pushes German students to create their own affordable accommodation

Students in the German town of Heidelberg are building their own affordable student accommodation, in response to rising rents caused by a local housing...
community party

Eight ways students can better integrate with the local community

We all know that human beings are social animals, and with that comes a basic need to belong. The benefits of social connectedness are...

A global perspective: the impact of accommodation on student wellbeing

From the Global Student Living Conference 2018. Head here to register your interest for future GSL conferences, and learn more about the GSL...
A hand puts a wedding ring on someone's ring finger

Egyptian students receive ‘love lessons’ from their government

Egypt's government has introduced marriage lessons for university students, as part of an initiative to cut spiralling divorce rates. The scheme is called 'Mawadda',...
A student holds a microphone at a protest

Bristol students’ strike convinces uni to prioritise affordable accommodation

A student accommodation protest has persuaded the University of Bristol to reduce the price of their student halls. Over 150 Bristol students withheld their...
Friends chatting indoors while sitting in armchairs

Students set up Ireland’s first Traveller society in Galway

Irish Traveller students at NUI Galway have launched the first student society for Travellers in the Republic of Ireland, in partnership with the Galway Traveller Movement. The...
A smiling Muslim student

Mosque attacks: Muslim students hopeful, NZ foreign student sector afraid

The New Zealand Herald’s Education Reporter, Simon Collins, says that times are uncertain for New Zealand’s $5billion foreign student sector in the wake of...
A fire in the dark

Accommodation theft precaution leads to tragedy in Chinese dorm fire

A door fitted to prevent the theft of students’ electric scooters from their accommodation was responsible for the death of five students in a fire in...
A rainbow flag, symbolising LGBT pride

Mexico’s student LGBT community suffers discrimination

Guadalupe Martínez from UDGTV, a Mexican online newspaper, has highlighted the results of the most recent National Survey about School Violence related to Sexual...
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