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Dutch student housing crisis rumbles on

The pressure to house and care for international students has been immense and has cause rifts at both a local and national government level as politicians seek to balance the economic benefits of international students with the needs and demands of the local (voting) populations.

Disabled students suffer as temperatures soar

Data from the latest Global Student Living Index survey of over 65,000 students across Europe shows that disabled students are 50% more likely than non-disabled students to report negative experiences of temperature in their accommodation.
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‘Bad apples’ give wrong impression of students renting in Newcastle residential areas

Jesmond, an affluent area of Newcastle, is weathering noise and anti-social behaviour complaints. Some families say they can't work at home or even hear the...
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University of California battles state environmental law to preserve student numbers

The University of California, Berkley are making tough decisions about admissions due to housing problems plaguing the state. Berkley residents are now using the...
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Debenhams downsizing makes room for uni campus transformation

In a turn of events for the dying high street, a former Debenhams building in Gloucester is being converted into a university campus.  Gloucester City...
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Severe overcrowding signals need for rapid student housing development in Ireland

The housing crisis in Ireland, caused by a lack of available properties as well as rising rent prices, means students have been struggling to...
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Plans for Irish-speaking residencies at QUB angers unionist and protestant groups

The An Cumann Gaelach group, or Irish Language Society, has proposed plans to create an Irish-speaking residency at Queen's University Belfast. If the plans...
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More than half of Black students suffer racism in UK student accommodation

'Living Black at University' was commissioned and published by Unite Students to showcase the experiences of Black students in university halls - the first...
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Digital integration, wellbeing and collaboration to drive new PBSA

The number of international students in Europe has been on the increase according to the Institute of International Education, driving the student housing market...
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Objections to £135million university block aiming to benefit students and the public

Student accommodation and university buildings are often expected to provide multi-faceted use that extends beyond the traditional expectations of housing or lecture halls. In a...
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