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A man sitting on a chair with his hands together

Students wait 6 weeks for counselling at some UK universities

An investigation into the UK's student mental health crisis has revealed that universities are oblivious to key statistics such as budgets and waiting times...
A protester wearing a slogan saying 'Power to the peaceful'

Greek students protest scrapped academic sanctuary law

Greek students have been protesting the scrapping of a longstanding law that enshrined university spaces as academic sanctuaries of asylum, keeping police and the...
A person standing alone in front of a grey sky

New report: Over a quarter of UK students often feel lonely

22% of students say they 'often' feel lonely, with a further 4% saying they 'always' feel lonely, according to a new report into applicants...
A woman holds her hands up to her face in fear

Student sex work on rise in Sydney, despite safety risks

In the wake of a sex worker’s murder in Sydney, The Australian talks to sex industry support workers and a Sydney brothel owner, discovering...
A girl lays on a bed, her hair covering her face, looking exhausted

US study: sleep issues impact student grades as much as drug use

A study of over 55,000 US college students has found that poor-quality sleep affects students as much as binge-drinking or drug use, and is...
The feet of a person who is walking.

Australasian students participate in inter-university fitness challenge

Aimed at improving the fitness levels of Australasian university students and staff, twelve educational establishments have signed up to take part in the first...
A man in a wheelchair

Report finds 60% of UK’s disabled students miss out on funding

​As the Department for Education's recent report shows that 60% of disabled students were unaware of Disabled Student Allowances, pressure is to be put...
A number of balloons with smiling faces drawn on them

UK university to offer ‘happiness lessons’ following student suicides

Students at the University of Bristol will be offered 12-week courses in happiness from September 2019, as part of the university's response to a...
A man walking along a dark road at night

London uni creates male student mental health blueprint

In light of recent studies showing that male students are at an increased risk of suicide, Birkbeck University of London are pioneering a strategy in consultation with...
Leah Barfield and Lizz Brocklesby from Time to Change presenting at the GSL Conference 2018

Change is coming: young people’s perspectives on mental health

From the Global Student Living Conference 2018. Head here to register your interest for future GSL conferences, and learn more about the GSL Conference here. Mental health charity...
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