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New research discovers significant changes in students’ mental and social wellbeing since 2017

A survey undertaken by Unite Students, in collaboration with Youthsight reveals that university students are less socially confident, less ready for university, and have...

Are universities sufficiently supporting their bereaved students?

Experiences of bereavement can have detrimental impacts on a young adults’ life, but are universities doing enough to provide sufficient support? The findings of a...

Students want more action on climate change from higher education

Students consider climate change to be the most urgent challenge facing society in 2021. Students' Views A recent survey by Unite Students has unearthed strong views...
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How student accommodation can influence mental health and wellbeing

Due to growing concerns surrounding student mental health and wellbeing, there has been a shift in focus towards student accommodation providers and what they...

How should we measure student wellbeing?

A 2020 research paper by Alyson Dodd et al. has called for a standardised measurement of wellbeing for university students. This measurement will represent an...
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Universities across the UK are starting to implement new ways to tackle the growing...

15 months of online learning and social isolation has left many students suffering from poor mental health. Kasia Delgado quotes statistics claiming that almost...

Drop-out risk doubles for female freshers

A briefing note written by market research agency Red Brick Research for its UK clients, and seen by GSL, shows the extent of the...
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Study finds 1 in 4 PhD students in UK ‘bullied’ during doctorate

25% of PhD students in the UK say that they have been 'bullied', according to a new report by the Higher Education Policy Institute...
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Report finds COVID-19 compounds UK and US student food insecurity

A new report has investigated concerns around student food insecurity in the UK and US, finding that 41% were worried about their food running...
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Research finds mental health behind 1 in 3 UK decisions to drop out

A study by MyUniChoices has shown that a third of students that drop out of university in the UK do so because of poor...
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