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Disabled students suffer as temperatures soar

Data from the latest Global Student Living Index survey of over 65,000 students across Europe shows that disabled students are 50% more likely than non-disabled students to report negative experiences of temperature in their accommodation.
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Needle spiking awareness campaign planned for UK freshers’ week

Proposed UK government add campaign will draw attention to 'new phenomenon' of needle spiking in nightclubs; timed to kick off alongside the start of the new academic year.
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More harm than good: preventable deaths hampered by zero-tolerance drug policies

The Higher Education Policy Institute (Hepi) has released a report detailing how students approach the practicalities of drug use at university. The findings show: Of...
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Safety over studies, as war in Ukraine leaves students trapped

The declaration of war between Russia and Ukraine has prompted outrage and dismay from citizens and global leaders alike. Whilst attention has been rightly focused...
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UK student drinking culture leaves a bad taste in the mouth

For many, drinking is an ingrained part of student culture and university life. Fresher's week, society parties and social events often revolve around the...
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‘Badge of honour’ – PhD students say suffering is sign of working hard, not...

In a study of PhD students' mental wellbeing, UK researchers discovered trends of ill mental health, with levels more severe than working professionals. The survey...
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Students racking up eye-watering debt over gambling addiction

More than one in three students are gambling using borrowed money, using overdrafts, student loans, or money from friends and payday loans, according to...
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Students and Covid coming home for Christmas

Students have been urged to take Covid tests before returning home to prevent households from having to self-isolate over Christmas. The Prime Minister called for...
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Report highlights “real and painful human consequences” of structural racism at London university

An independent review commissioned by the Council of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in response to the Black Lives Matter movement...
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Does higher education need a climate rethink?

With the COP26 Climate Accord having just taken place in November, higher education will be looking to consider how continued internationalisation of the sector...
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