M.I.T. Sets Sights on the Transformation of Higher Education Itself

A group of five academics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology released a white paper in September aimed at generating discussion about their vision for...

New research highlights key role of places and spaces in fostering student belonging

A new Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) Policy Note authored by Dr Richard Vytniorgu, Student belonging and the wider context provides valuable insight and recommendations into ways that higher education professionals can foster a greater sense of belonging among students in the UK.

Surge in student visa refusal rates causing alarm in Australian education sector

A sharp dip in the number of offshore Australian student visas approved for students from India, Pakistan and Nepal has sparked concern following a surge in applications from these countries since Australia’s borders reopened.
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China seizes the initiative in growth of outbound students from Ghana

A growing number of students from Ghana are studying abroad, with figures showing a significant upward trend. While the number of outbound Ghanaian students...
GSL Award Trophies

Europe’s Best Student Accommodation Recognised at Global Student Living Awards

The Winners of the Global Student Living Awards for the UK & Ireland, and for Europe, have been revealed at a ceremony held as...
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Europe’s PBSA Leaders Gather to Address Net-Zero Challenge

Around 300 investors, developers, operators and suppliers from around Europe are gathering at GSL Live '22: Net-zero Student Living on 20th October to explore...

Global Student Living and The Class Foundation announce collaboration on European student wellbeing

The Class Foundation and Global Student Living have announced an exciting new collaboration investigating the relationship between student accommodation, living experience, and student well-being...
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A quarter of UK students and young graduates expect to use food banks, survey...

A recent survey of students and young graduates by and GradTouch has revealed the anxiety young people are feeling in the face of...

Dollar strength putting a squeeze on international students

University education in the US is known to be a big financial commitment, being amongst the most expensive in the world. But the recent strength...
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Dutch student housing crisis rumbles on

The pressure to house and care for international students has been immense and has cause rifts at both a local and national government level as politicians seek to balance the economic benefits of international students with the needs and demands of the local (voting) populations.
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