Disabled students suffer as temperatures soar

Data from the latest Global Student Living Index survey of over 65,000 students across Europe shows that disabled students are 50% more likely than non-disabled students to report negative experiences of temperature in their accommodation.
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Needle spiking awareness campaign planned for UK freshers’ week

Proposed UK government add campaign will draw attention to 'new phenomenon' of needle spiking in nightclubs; timed to kick off alongside the start of the new academic year.
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Spain plans visa changes to boost international student recruitment

The Spanish government is seeking ways to redress the issue and proposed legislative changes to visa regulations are intended to benefit foreigners wishing to study, and stay, in the country. Here's how amendments to current visa laws for foreign students could help revive the international populations of Spanish university campuses, as well as stimulating investment in the pandemic-stricken student accommodation sector.
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Reliance on international student fees puts UK universities at risk

The global conditions of the past several years, most notably institutional lockdowns, border closures, and migratory restrictions, have led to a dramatic decrease in...
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Education innovation central to future of universities, says Dutch academic

In conversation with Wageningen University, Professor Dirk van Damme (Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Curriculum Redesign in Boston, MA, US) details what...
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Diversification targets receive mixed opinion in post-lockdown Australia

Whilst UK universities are bouncing back from Covid-19 in their international student numbers, Australia is finding the transition slightly more tricky. As one of...
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US student loan repayments stir academic and political doubt

Mid-term elections are approaching in the US, and so too is the start of the nation's debt repayment scheme. On 1 May, those with...
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UK student nurses left to “sink or swim”

With a lack of support at the start of their careers, newly registered nurses (NRNs) are feeling the pressure of staff shortages and difficult...
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European Union seeks greater transnational cooperation in higher education

The European Commission (EC) has outlined ways it hopes to build on and expand the European Strategy for Universities. In an address on 18...
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Durham university defends offering support to student sex workers

Durham university has had to defend its decision to give support to student sex workers after criticism by government ministers. A one hour workshop on...
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