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Disabled students suffer as temperatures soar

Data from the latest Global Student Living Index survey of over 65,000 students across Europe shows that disabled students are 50% more likely than non-disabled students to report negative experiences of temperature in their accommodation.

Has COVID-19 improved access for the UK’s disabled students?

Unprecedented - a word that has become all too familiar in 2020, taking centre stage in our day-to-day lives and featured in almost every...
An empty wheelchair in a tatty room

Disabled British students drop out through lack of support

With increasing rates of disabled students dropping out, a recent report by the Office for Students (OfS) has criticised institutions on their ‘inadequate’ support...
A man in a wheelchair

Report finds 60% of UK’s disabled students miss out on funding

​As the Department for Education's recent report shows that 60% of disabled students were unaware of Disabled Student Allowances, pressure is to be put...
A wheelchair user playing sport

Technology developments to improve access for disabled students

Technologies being developed in Denmark and Qatar offer an exciting look into how university study could become more accessible for disabled students in the...
Big Ben, London

Changes to UK student loan requirements spell difficulties for disadvantaged students

The UK government is making plans to increase the minimum grade requirements for English and maths GSCEs that students would need in order to...
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What might a ‘virtual Freshers’ Week’ look like?

When you think of Freshers' Week, what immediately springs to mind? Packed out nightclubs, £1 shots or the dreaded 'Freshers' Flu'? Signing up to...
woman wearing academic regalia during daytime

Students less likely to undertake postgraduate study in 2020/21

A quarter of final-year undergraduate students are less likely to undertake postgraduate (PG) study than they were prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to...
A young man with Downs Syndrome celebrates with his father

Turkish students with learning disabilities fight to access university

Turkish students with special needs face many obstacles when attempting to enrol into universities, such as a lack of suitable entrance tests and placement...
A lonely hand on a window pain while it rains outside

Lonely no more: how to prevent student isolation at your uni

With rising numbers of people saying they feel lonely, and a well-publicised 2015 clinical study that found that isolation had the same health effect...
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