In what might be a disappointing turn of events for many, students at Queen’s University Belfast will be expected to take their classes online again starting in January. 

Northern Irish universities only got to take up in-person classes again in September, and are now having to revert back in the new year over fears about the new Omicron Covid-variant.

The move shouldn’t be too strange a concept for students as prior to this, classes has been held online since March 2020 due to the pandemic. As with other professions asked by the government to work from home, staff and post-graduates will continue their duties remotely. 

Other universities may follow in QUB’s footsteps as the number of positive cases is tracked over the coming weeks, with signs of a ‘winter wave’ as people travel and mix at Christmas.

Nonetheless, many will be disheartened at the news, as students up and down the country had begun to return to some normality and were enjoying the freedoms of university life with the success of the vaccine in the UK.

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