Please enjoy this webinar in the GSL Webinar Series, sponsored by GSA.

Using data from the National Student Housing Survey (now part of the Global Student Living Index), GSL’s lead analyst Sarah Ead reveals the story of lockdown as experienced by students in PBSA, including the impact on wellbeing, and how well universities and private accommodation providers were able to respond to meet the needs of students.

She’s joined by Dr Paula Dalziel, Head of Student Support, Wellbeing and Inclusion at Staffordshire University, who discusses how the findings correlate with her own on-the-ground experiences during lockdown. Paula is a highly respected figure in the sector, with 5 years of experience as a Res Life Manager at Manchester Metropolitan University prior to joining Staffordshire last year.

This is the definitive analysis of the impact of lockdown on the experience of students in their accommodation. There are lessons to learn – but there is much to celebrate too.

The Global Student Living Webinar Series is brought to you by GSA & The Student Housing Company. In these unprecedented times, we want to thank GSA for its commitment to ensuring continued collaboration and learning across the field of student living and lifestyle for the benefit of students.

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