A study by MyUniChoices has shown that a third of students that drop out of university in the UK do so because of poor mental health.

Nearly half of the graduates and dropouts surveyed experienced embarrassment, shame, and depression caused by parental pressure to enrol in a ‘prestigious’ course that was unrelated to their interests, as well as the financial costs following academic enrollment.

The study also found one in five students who decided to drop out suffered from alcohol or drug abuse as a result of their academic struggles, with 45% of participants believing their long-term career was hindered by failing to finish the course.

Ensuring The Right Package For Everyone

Just over 25% of participants felt that advice on their academic endeavours was inadequate, with a similar percentage of individuals feeling pressure at home to choose a course that could lead to positive professional prospects.

Dr Charles Johnson, the chief psychometrics adviser overlooking this research, expressed his belief that it is paramount for students to enrol freely into courses that interest them, stating that students must have the resources to make informed choices that will ensure they find ‘the right package.’

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