Students remaining in their student accommodation appear to be largely satisfied with their ResLife teams’ quality of support and communications during the COVID-19 crisis, according to the GSL Index’s Communications and Wellbeing Tracker on 26th March.

12% said their support ‘could be better’, while just 7% were outright unhappy with the ResLife support they had received, suggesting that accommodation teams are largely rising to the unprecedented challenges thrown up by the pandemic.

Additionally, 85% still expressed satisfaction with communications from their accommodation staff – although the percentage of those who thought communications were ‘very good’ has dropped by 8% in the past 3 weeks.

This suggests that accommodation teams would do well to maintain regular communications with their students so that they are kept in the loop and feel supported by their teams.

A pillar of support in a tough time

Although students’ wellbeing scores dipped as restrictions on travel and socialising were initially implemented by the government, they are slowly beginning to improve, with a 3% increase over the past fortnight in the number of students categorised as having moderate or high wellbeing on the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing scale. This brings figures back to roughly where they were at the start of March.

The Global Student Living Index has introduced limited-time functionality to allow partners to track their scores on these crucial measures and ensure they are able to respond quickly to feedback data.

Download the 26th March tracker data here.

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