Nearly half of current Australian work activities will be automated by the year 2030, according to a McKinsey and Company report. This could result in an economic boost of AU$4 trillion over the next fifteen years – but only if the country’s education sector can keep up with a need to turn out graduates with qualifications that are in keeping with the new technological climate.

Students must be at the forefront of automation strategy, as the country will need highly trained postgraduate engineers in the future who can develop and work with new automation technology.

Thousands of job vacancies predicted for tech by 2022

In a separate 2017 study carried out by Deloitte Access Economics and the Australian Computer Society, it was predicted that 81,000 new jobs will be created in Australian tech by 2022. Australia is currently producing appropriately skilled people at the rate of just a few thousand per year.

As technology develops increasingly faster and the employment landscape changes, Australia’s retraining and further education sectors will need to rise to the challenge and adapt.

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